Stackable sawhorse :


In the summer I was busy designing a pool heating installation and for that I needed supports to hold large flat items.
So I came up with a design for sawhorses from lumber I have readily available.
Should you desire to construct (
a pair of) similar supports, I have included the relevant drawings at the bottom of this page.

My desired working height was a bit less than a meter. Accounting for the thickness of the flat items being worked on I came up with the dimensions in the drawings.
By the way, all dimensions are in millimeters.
Also, I included a number of sheets which, when printed on A4 paper should provide you with 1:1 templates to glue onto some stock to be cut on a bandsaw.
I decided to attach some (non-caster) wheels to one side of one of the sawhorses.
Now, when they're stacked (of course with the one fitted with the weels on the bottom) I can easily roll them both anywhere by lifting the far end.
The stackability of these sawhorses provides for a fairly small storing volume.
Initially, I intended gor them to also be foldable, but I guess that will have to wait for a future revision.

Here's an overview drawing :

Here's a link to all drawings in PDF-format.
You'll have to figure out your printers' printing scale to use the template-option.

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