Rotary Subwoofer :


A few years ago I came across the idea of a subwoofer that will go down to theoratically 0 Hz.
Even better, the lower it gets, the more air gets pumped back and forth, contrary to classical speaker designs.
As I just started using my then new 3D printer I started experimenting and soon I bought a new Ø280mm speaker chassis:
I removed the speaker cone and started modelling parts for connecting the speakers' driver to the blades through a swash-plate.

The basic set-up looks something like this :

As is apparent from these images I mounted the device in an old door which I placed somewhere in the centre of my house.
The rotor was driven by a small electric-fan motor, which proved to be far underpowered.
I a next revision I need a speed-stabilized electric motor of at least 500 Watts.

I opened all adjoining doors and connected the coil to a stereo amplifier which I fed some signals from a simple sine-generator software running on a laptop.
The result looked something like this (time-lapse) :

I'm not sure when I'll get around to improving this design.
Design improvements would entail:
- lighter and thinner blades                                      
- better clamping of the blades to the aluminum rods  
- stronger motor                                                     
- smarter connection between swash-plate and alu-rods


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