Original Braun electrical toothbrush base  :

toothbrush base

Our first Braun electrical toothbrush came solely with the bare base.
A second one was bought after several months, for just a slightly higher price, but this one came with a broader and stable base foot.

foot base

So I decided to provide a similar base foot to the previously acquired toothbrush, as well.
After several measurements, 3D-models were created.

The base was modeled with holes for the
brush-extension pins :
base clean

and the pin was modeled separately, to be added/glued later:
brush pin

After printing two pins and one base, assembling by superglueing is simple, just pay attention to the pin's orientation:
xploded view, glueing

To improve print quality, the base was printed laying on its 'back'.
also added some extra walls to prevent 'head-jumping' and retraction, to be removed later .
base, clean and with printbridges
btf_10001_Clean                                     vs.                           btf_10001_Printbridged         

Here are the stl-files :
10001 clean 10001 printbridged 10002

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