In 2012 a 3D-printer was bought from the Dutch company Ultimaker.
Ultimaker 1 - 110618

After experimenting a fair lot the first useful models came to be, like this (white) toilet flushing bracket replacement, after I broke the original one:
toilet bracket
It worked quite terribly, rather not at all, so recently I decided to improve it further:
The red bracket is an original one. The white one next to it was printed in 2011, but never really worked at all.
The three black ones are printed recently.
Version 2 has its printing layers perpendicular to the brackets operating direction, so I improved that in version 4 by printing the bracket in two parts: a base and the hook part.
But I wanted a stronger connection between the brackets base and the hook, so version 5 also has a hole for a screw. Superglue and and a superscrew should suffice.

The decision to base all mechanical constructions on a limited set of base source parts proved to be a sensible one and on this site all constructions are based on those same items, ie : bearings (DIN625-608, incidentally, the same ones that can be found on skateboards etc)
and nuts and bolts of the size M3 & M8 where ever possible.

In the Free Models section models can be found made mostly of wood and some 3D-printed parts that one should easily be able to create using the accompanying drawings.

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